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Stone Sales & Warehouse Storage in Millwood, West Virginia

The professional staff at Valley in Millwood, West Virginia, specializes in providing our valued customers with a wide range of services such as stone sales and warehouse storage.

Stone Sales

Come check out all the limestone, sand, gravel, and decorative landscaping stone for sale in our extensive stone yard. This selection includes construction aggregate, which is a state-approved mixture of limestone, agricultural lime, sand, and gravel, used primarily for the building of roads. We also have the area's largest selection of landscaping stone.

When you place an order with us, we will deliver up to 25 tons of material, but you are welcome to pick up your own order as well. Delivery fees vary depending on the order size, location, and delivery distance.


Our facility includes a large warehouse for customers' storage needs. Rates for storage depend on the amount of items and tonnage, and whether stored goods will be inside or outside. We have more than 75 acres of property, and we have both interior and exterior storage split between two locations. A security system is active on-site at all times, and the entire area is fenced in and secure.


We have tractors, tractor-trailers, van trailers, flat beds, and dump trucks available for moving all sorts of materials. Also, we have all the equipment necessary to haul your loads and deliver your goods and equipment.
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