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Maritime Services in Millwood, West Virginia

Valley also provides a wide range of maritime services to our customers on the Ohio River in Millwood, West Virginia, such as barge loading and unloading, tugging, and switching and fleeting.

Barge Loading & Unloading

We transport barges from dock to dock and can unload barges carrying aluminum, stone, coke, manganese, and other materials. Rates vary depending on the job and its distance, but never doubt our capability to complete all jobs in a professional manner.

Valley is West Virginia's very first Port Authority, and our maritime address is 229.5 on the Ohio River.

Tug Services, Switching, & Fleeting

Our company has a 1,000-horsepower tug for providing tug services, dock services, switching, and fleeting. An empty fleet is also available for the unloading, dropping off, or picking up of barges. Our docks are fully equipped with cranes and staff members, and we will always have everything necessary to complete every job effectively.
Contact our staff for more detailed information about our wide variety of maritime services.